6. Painting Candles with Masking Tape

6. Painting Candles with Masking Tape
Candles 0

1. Gather the Materials

  • watercolor paper
  • masking tape 
  • scissors
  • watercolor painting supplies

2. Apply Tape

Cut 2 pieces of masking tape to the desired height of the candlesticks and position them on a piece of watercolor paper. To prevent tearing the paper when you remove the tape, stick the tape to your clothing a few times to decrease the tackiness.  Wet the background around the masking tape.

Candles 1
Candles 2

3. Paint the Background

Paint the background area around the masking tape in the desired color or colors.  Rita opted for a solid red background.

4. Paint the Flames

While the background is wet, drop in or stroke in whatever color is desired for the flames of the candles.  Since the background is wet, the flames will spread a bit, which is a nice effect for flames.  Rita opted for purple candle flames and made them linear.  You could also simply drop paint into the background, yielding a more circular result.

Candles 4
Candles 5

5. Remove Masking Tape

Carefully peel away the masking tape.  

6. Allow Background
to Dry

Candles 6
Candles 7

7. Wet the Candles

When the background has dried, wet the candles with clean water.

8. Paint the Candles

Paint the candles with any desired colors and patterns.  Here’s what Rita decided to paint.

As you can see she dropped a dark color into the orange which resulted in some fluffy looking spots.  Then she stood the painting board up vertically which made the paint run down and blend.

Candles 8
Candles 8
Candles 10
Candles 11
Candles 10

9. Add Some Sparkle

After the paint had fully dried, Rita went back and applied metallic watercolor paint to the candlesticks and also splattered metallic watercolor paint onto the flames.  If you don’t have metallic watercolor paint, you could use acrylic metallic paint which is easy to find in craft stores.

10. All Done!

Here is the finished painting.

Candles 10