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This is a painting I made of myself.

Book Sun

I draw whenever
I can.

I take this bus to my job at the coffee shop.

Book Bus
Book Last

I hope there are no more calls.

Meet the Authors

Helen, Rita & Mark

Book Authors: Helen (left), Rita (center) and Mark (right)

What Others Say

Author and artist Rita Winkler created “My Art, My World,” a book showing how she sees life through her unique paintings. Inspiring throughout. A remarkable young lady.

Breakfast Television

Rita Winkler shares her book and unique vision of the world through her beautiful paintings to show that her disability doesn’t define her.

The Morning Show
Global News

Endearing, engaging and truly remarkable. Rita’s art work is truly beautiful but it is her insight that adds special depth to her paintings. Her spirit shines through.

Susan Glass
Vice-chair of the National Arts Centre Board of Trustees

Rita’s world is vibrant and colourful. She also has Down Syndrome, but that doesn’t stop her from holding down a job, taking yoga and folk dancing. By using her art to capture her world, Rita’s creativity helps to destigmatize disability in this joyous celebration of the power of art.

The Globe and Mail Review
Kid’s Book Gift Guide

Rita, a young woman living with Down syndrome takes readers into her world through vivid paintings and words. Rita enthusiastically lives each day fully, taking yoga and folk dancing classes, participating in drama and music programs and working at a university coffee. Rita’s joyous art and inspiring story certainly warms the heart and brings smiles to any reader.

Larry Swartz
Educational Consultant

My Art, My World is a picture book that gives readers an insight into the life of Rita Winkler, a young woman with Down syndrome, through her greatest passion: art!

Fold Kids
Book of the Month Picks

Rita Winkler, a young woman living with Down syndrome, shows us the world as she sees it through her art: a place full of joy and colour.

CBC Book Review
Canadian Picture Book to Watch

I really enjoyed reading Rita’s words and looking over her artwork. Seeing all the hard work that she puts into it. This is truly a special picture book.

Cindy Love of Books
Book Reviewer

Rita’s passion for life and great sense of humour shine throughout the book and will appeal to children and adults alike.

Brenda Boreham
Canadian Teacher

The book offers children a look at someone’s life, someone who may at first seem very different from them. While My Art, My World could be particularly useful in classroom settings, it would equally benefit everyone building an inclusive children’s book collection for the young readers in their lives.

Catherine-Laura Dunnington
Pre-School Teacher

Winkler’s humor shines through in a speculation that perhaps some fish she sees while at her cashier’s job in a coffee house—fish carried by a customer in a baggie—might come from the same lake Winkler visits and might recognize her from there. 

KIrkus Book Review
Starred Review

The book has brought Rita’s art to the attention of the greater community who say that Rita’s art makes them smile. This alone proves the benefit of sharing art created by people of all abilities with the world.

Bright Buddies
Rita Winkler · September 25

This is not a story. This is a life. It’s a life well-lived by Rita Winkler, a young woman with Down Syndrome. She lives it with colour, with activity, and with heart. And she tells her life through her art, hence My Art, My World.

Helen K.
Canlit for Little Canadians

I have fallen in love with Rita’s stamina, fortitude, uniqueness and her wondrous view of this wonderful world.

Ruth Bowiec
Kenora Miner and News

To know Rita Winkler’s world and art is to know unbridled joy. Her paintings are imbued with an optimism reflecting the love she has for the medium, and for her subjects.

Orly Zebak
Editor of NIV Magazine