My name is Rita

I have Down syndrome. I look different. And I see things in a different way.

I have a job in the Lemon and Allspice Cookery. I do yoga and folk dance classes. I play music and act in plays. And I’m trying to learn sign language.

But I like making art best of all. Art is beautiful and I have a lot of fun making it.

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Rita Winkler Portrait
My Art cover image
This is

My Art

I have made more than 300 pieces of art.
I hope you like them. I have many favourites.
Which ones are yours?

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Here are

My Friends

Here is where we will feature some of my friends who are great artists.

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Welcome to

My World

When I’m not making art, I do lots of other things. I work in the Cookery. My yoga and folk dance classes are where I meet my good friends. We move around and do cool poses. I also like playing music. And drama because we get to wear different clothes and pretend to be someone else. Sign language is hard to learn, but I practice to get better.

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My mom


She helps me make art.
She can show you how we do it.
Then you can learn how to make art too.

Learn How We Do It
Rita Winkler with her mom Helen
Rita Winkler with her uncle Mark
My wacky uncle


He wants to talk to gallery owners and art collectors.

Uncle Mark lives in New York City. It’s a busy place. Full of traffic and people.

Some stores have art on the walls to buy. Uncle Mark thinks my art can be in those stores. And people will buy it.

Hear What Uncle Mark Says
This is

My Book

A lot of my drawings are in here. And pictures of me doing things. And stories about me.

Would you like to see it? You can get one if you’d like.

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Book cover of My Art, My World by Rita Winkler
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My Blog

Check out our latest content.

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My Art

My Shop

Purchase items that feature Rita’s artwork.
A world of color and imagination.


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Rita Winkler Painting: Enchanted Garden Party
Rita Winkler Painting: Ballerina
CNE Air Show
Rita Winkler Painting: Rita's Cherry Blossoms