My World

When I’m not making art, I have lots of fun with other things.

You can see me doing them in this video.

Music makes me dance.

I have friends who can’t hear. I practice sign language so that I can talk to them.

In Yoga I stretch my arms and legs.

I have a job. I work at the Coffee Shed. I make change and work the cash register for people who buy coffee. Here’s what my job looks like.

Common Ground is the name of the people who run the Coffee Shed. They do other things for me and my friends. Watch this video to see how.

I like doing plays. I get to dress in different clothes and be different things. Once I was a Lion.

DANI are the people who put on the play. Once, they threw a parade for me!

Because of Covid, months of DANI programming were conducted via Zoom.  So the DANI staff decided to form a car parade and drive by the homes of each participant.

Here are Rita’s drawings of the DANI staff at their two locations on Clark Avenue and Magnetic Drive in the Greater Toronto Area.

The 8 Reflections of Rita