2. Painting an Orchid

2. Painting an Orchid


  • Rita was confused about how to draw the petals of an orchid. In particular, the shape and the arrangement of the petals. Rita understands and knows how to write the alphabet and the shape initially corresponds to the letter Y.
  • Rita requires markers to learn the shape of objects.

1. Paint the Letter Y

Paint the letter Y. Put a dot at the end of each leg of the letter and put a dot in the middle where all the lines meet.

2. Paint a Loop

Paint a loop from each outside dot to the middle dot on either side of each leg of the Y, using a contrasting color.

3. Draw a Rainbow Shape

This was confusing initially, and sometimes I would prompt Rita to draw a rainbow shape …

4. Draw a Smile Shape

… draw a smile shape to loop on each side of the leg.

5. Add 2 More Arms

Rotate the drawing 180 degrees. Then add 2 arms with dots at each end. Loop the arms as done with the legs.

6. Draw a Beard

Add a little beard between the 2 bottom legs.

Rita Winkler's painting Orchids