My Visit to Gibson


Rita Winkler

My Visit to Gibson

Excerpted from:
DANI Days Newsletter
December 27, 2023
VOL. 198

I like to talk about when I went to Gibson Long Term Care with my mom. I showed them my book and my website. I saw Lisa Gordon. She was happy to see me and my mom. They asked questions about my book and my website and my paintings on my website. We gave my magnets to the Gibson Long term Care. Lisa works at Gibson now, but she used to work at the DANI program. They have a community at Gibson Long Term Care. I hope everyone stays healthy over the holidays! I enjoyed talking about my book at Gibson Long Term Care.(Scroll down to read Lisa Gordon’s report of Rita’s visit).

Book Sprtrt

Our Visit from Rita!
by Lisa Gordon
Program Support Service Manager at Gibson Long Term Care

On December 14th we welcomed artist and author Rita and her Mom Helen to Gibson Long Term Care Residence. Rita and Helen shared Rita’s book, My Art, My World with the residents.

Rita shared with the residents how she approaches each art piece and the types of art mediums she uses. The residents were amazed at the colourful and charismatic pieces that Rita had completed.

Rita spoke well and indicated she wasn’t nervous speaking to a new crowd. The residents asked if she could come back and do a painting demonstration with them. It will be something we can plan in the new year. It was fantastic to see both of them again! Thanks Rita and Helen!