My News “5”


Rita Winkler

My News “5”

Rita’s Watercolor Workshop!
Excerpted from DANI Days Newsletter
FEBRUARY 21, 2024, VOL 202

On Thursday, February 8, our Clark Campus’s Creative Arts class was treated to a very special activity—a watercolor workshop led by our very own resident artist, Rita!

Rita, along with her mother, Helen, and Tammy, visited us to lead two engaging watercolor painting activities, offering us a glimpse into her creative process for producing her stunning paintings! Rita explained her process step-by-step, guiding us through the two projects.

Initially, everyone crafted their own summer or winter landscapes, using crayons to outline the sun, clouds, and the horizon line, before painting our landscapes in our favorite colors! Subsequently, we had the opportunity to attempt another painting, inspired by “Finding Nemo,” featuring some of our beloved sea creatures such as turtles, fish, and even an octopus!

A huge thank you to Rita for visiting and guiding us through these enjoyable watercolor painting activities! Everyone had a fantastic time learning from you!

My Art Workshop by Rita

I would like to talk about doing at DANI workshop at Clark for my DANI friends to learn about watercolors. It was a fun DANI workshop. I had fun doing art with my DANI friends and showing them how to use watercolors. There was good teamwork with the DANI staff, like Moshe, Elisa, and Tammy. Rachel took pictures of the DANI workshop. Moshe helped Ryan. Elisa helped Daniel and Yakov. At the next table was Guitti, Rebecca and Sammy. They all had fun at the DANI workshop.

We took pictures of the DANI workshop and videos of me saying the words. I was ready for the DANI workshop with my mom. I think the next artist will be Rafi or Danny or Guitti. My friend Dori wished me good luck on the DANI workshop last week on Thursday. This year, we are doing an art show about undersea creatures. It was a successful workshop for 2024. I enjoyed doing the DANI workshop!

Here are some reactions of Rita’s friends who took part in the workshop, also excerpted from the DANI Days newsletter:

Art with Rita by Guitti

On Thursday, February 8 we had a special guest Rita and her mom. She said to draw a line, and then she gave us a choice of painting winter or summer. I picked winter because i like winter. Tammy came too from Magnetic. First, she gave us a speech and then we wet the paper with water. We used paints to make a painting of summer or winter. The people who picked winter painted snow and hills, and the people who picked summer painted trees, sun, sky and clouds

Art with Rita By Sammy

Rita came to our program to run an art activity. We got to choose to paint either summer or winter, and I chose summer. First, I drew a line in the middle of my page with a pencil crayon. Then I drew the sun with a white pencil crayon. Next, we wet the page for the paint. Under the line we painted a green lake; above the line we painted red hills and trees. Rita guided us every step of the way and showed us examples. After we finished our painting of a season, we then painted an animal using an outline that Rita prepared by combining various shapes. My animal was a turtle. First, we wet the paper. I used red, green, and blue to paint my turtle. My favorite part of the program was choosing which colors to use. I had a lot of fun doing these activities, and I hope RIta comes to do art with us again.

Rita’s Art Class by Rafi

Last week, we did artwork with Rita! Rita is my friend from Magnetic. Rita showed us how to paint. I painted on the papers. I painted a picture of winter. I sat with Brandon and he helped me. I used some crayons. I used crayons to draw the clouds and I draw the sun. I painted over it with water paints. I used blue and purple. I painted it on the paper. I painted with lots of colours. My favourite colour is blue. I liked drawing and painting on the paper. I felt happy! I had fun painting. After, I made another painting! It was a painting of a jellyfish. They gave me the drawing and I drew some shapes. I drew some squiggles! After, I painted them pink! Jellyfish live in the ocean. I think they live in Africa! I liked doing painting with Rita because she’s my best friend! Rita, your’re my best friend for art. Thank you for coming! I want to paint with you again. Next time, I want to paint a picture of another jellyfish and a picture of an octopus! I would make my octopus with crayons and I would colour it pink!

Rita’s Art Class by Eric

Rita came to DANI last week to do art with us. She came on Thursday. I made Filipino colored art. We made the art for the art show. I liked the art because it makes me happy. I made a painting with a sun and a Filipino design with their colors. Their colors are red, blue and yellow. It was a painting of the summer. There was the sun and waves. I am excited for the art show. I hope I am around to go. After, we made a second painting with Rita. I painted a turtle and I also painted it Filipino colours: red, blue and yellow.

Thank you Rita for doing art with me. Rita made me happy doing art with me. Rita will come again to do art with me soon. I feel happy that I will get to see Rita again. I want to make some happy art with Rta when she comes again. Next time Rita comes I am going to finish my art project with her. After that it will be all done. Then it will be ready for the art show. I like to hang out with Rita. During art we used paint and crayons.

Next time Rita comes, I want to paint a picture of the Filipino flag. Thank you for coming Rita! I hope you can make another book soon! Thank you for helping me with my painting. Come back another day!

Rita’s Art Class By Ryan

On Thursday, Rita came with her mom and Tammy to do an art class for us. They were there to support her, and Csaba took lots of pictures. I made a painting of a fish in the water. For the first activity, I did a painting of summer. It was orange and lots of colours. We had to use water to paint so we didn’t get dirty. Moshe helped me paint it. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it. My favourite part was when Rita gave us the instructions because it’s nice to share what we’re doing. I want my paintings to go into the Art Show if we have one. I hope I can buy them both. Thank you Rita for coming! I had a great time with you. You are the best, and you are wonderful!

Art by Talya

We made stuff for the Art Show in art. Roy is my art teacher. We did paint. I stayed for a little bit and then I went to the quiet room. I liked Rita’s painting class too and I’m gonna show my art from Rita in the art show.