World Down Syndrome Day by Rita

April 8, 2023
Rita Winkler Painting: Unmatched Socks

Unmatched Socks

It was on March 21. I painted funny socks for Down Syndrome Day. I had open heart surgery when I was born. I had two surgeries. I was in a laundry basket.

Rita in a laundry basket.

Rita in a laundry basket.

I have problems with my spelling and my math. I have a spelling book to help me with my spelling skills. I have two sisters, Rachel and Leora and I have my mom. I go to DANI’s Day Program with my friends. I have my book My Art, My World. We have a special guest artist Talia and her mom! I have a job at Common Ground. I am an artist too! I like having jobs. I like to work at Chabad Gate Shul with Marina. I like to be in the DANI play called Shrek. I like my “tuna and ketchup special” by Tammy. She is the best supervisor! This is my life story.

Rita Winkler Painting: Ketchup and Tuna

Ketchup and Tuna

My Name is Rita